Who Gets the Thanksgiving Wishbone?

Do you have fond memories of sitting around the family dining room table during Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays? How about that oh-so-rare turkey wishbone? After weeks (or months) on the windowsill and long after the holidays had passed, everyone would all fight over it. After all, it only came but once or twice a year!

Now finally, there are enough to go around. With Lucky Break Wishbones everybody can take a crack at making their wishes come true! They are fun, cheap and an interactive item that everyone can relate to, and wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Proudly manufactured in the USA, Lucky Break Wishbones are made from a synthetic plastic with a 99.99% realistic synthetic snap!

So start a new family tradition! Grab a handful and place one at everyone’s place setting. Lucky Break Wishbones are guaranteed to liven up holiday mealtimes and bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Vegetarians take note - no fowl were used… making them entirely guilt free! In addition, both the wishbone and packaging are entirely recyclable. Lucky Break Wishbones are available in a variety of packages from a four-pack ($3.99), to a package of ten individual wishbones ($8.49).

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Great Dinner Conversation for Thanksgiving

Long ago, people gathered together for heartfelt talks with family and friends, passing along stories and traditions to one another. In these hectic times, many families have forgotten the joys of a good conversation.

If you are dreading Thanksgiving dinner this year and looking for a way to have the family get along, here’s a great product find that is designed to get the conversation rolling and help avoid those family squabbles. The Thanksgiving Box of Questions just might save your sanity!

This box will help you connect with your loved ones with dialogue, idea exchanges and meaningful conversation. Each Thanksgiving box (SRP $19.95) contains 35 question cards including: Who in your life could you thank more often and what food on the table reminds you of a special memory? You also receive 20 Thanksgiving stickers and place cards!

What’s more, a portion of the proceeds from the sales of each box goes directly to charities that benefit children and families.

Anything nowadays that helps families bond, share stories and create memories together is, as Martha would say – a good thing! And… think of the peace and tranquility as everyone focuses on the questions and not on each other!

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Pass The Hot Rolls

So you have cooked that perfect gourmet dinner, served the salad, poured the wine and now reach for a hot, crusty roll only to find it has turned into a block of cement!

Since 1974, Eucalyptus Stoneware has been producing handmade pottery with both style and true functionality in Del Mar California. Attractive and comfortable with any decor, their stoneware baskets have been a staple in the gourmet and tabletop industry.

Each hand-made pottery basket will keep your fresh baked rolls and biscuits hot during your meal! Simply place them in your oven and warm up to 375 degrees for 15 minutes. Wrap the freshly baked breads in a cloth napkin and serve piping hot directly to your table. Breads will remain warm for up to twenty minutes thanks to the heat-retaining center base – long enough for everyone to enjoy!

Eucalyptus Stoneware (SRP $34 to $48) is truly an American classic. Available in over fifteen different colors with a lead-free glaze, these attractive baskets can match any décor. Choose between six different styles from a French bread basket to a heart shaped basket design.

When not in use, their open weave makes for a terrific fruit bowl and centerpiece for any table. Eucalyptus Stoneware has, and will continue to be a beautiful, useful and functional gift.

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Relieve Sore Muscles with a Dachsund!

Are you feeling stressed and worn out? Had a bad day at work or spent too much time at the computer? If you are like most of us out there, much of your tension centers on your neck, with stiff and knotted muscles. Fear not… it’s man’s best friend to the rescue!

The Dachshund Warmer is a handmade heating pad that is designed to lie comfortably around the back of your neck to provide warmth or cold, relieving muscle stiffness and tension. Made in Maine, this absolutely adorable, Daschie (SRP $36) is made with synthetic Berber, and has an inner cloth lining filled with all-natural, non-popping, whole corn.

Unlike conventional electric heating pads, there are no wires, batteries or messy hot water bottles. Simply toss (gently please) the Daschie into your microwave for 30 seconds to 2 minutes and enjoy the soothing warmth! Measuring a substantial 22 inches, (not including the tail), the Daschie conforms to your body and can be used over and over again. A Velcro closure allows the cover to be removed and laundered.

The real clincher is that there’s no walking, feeding, or vet bills. Now if I could just convince my Westies that this is MY property and not classified as a snuggle toy for their enjoyment!

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All Natural Cookies are Simply the Best!

I just love this story. Alice Larse is living proof that you can pretty much do anything whenever you want to. She decided to learn to play the cello when she was in her sixties, and at age seventy she decided to start a cookie company. Alice’s motto seems to be, “I like to learn something new every day!”

Lucky for us, as her cookies – aptly called Alice’s Stick Cookies are to die for! Don’t take my word for it; she’s won two NASFT (National Association of Specialty Food) awards for the best cookies in the country. These award-winning gems look like biscotti but they taste like little pieces of heaven (if heaven tastes rich and buttery with a hint of toffee).

Each cookie is made from the finest quality natural ingredients with no eggs nuts or peanut oil which makes them ideal for cookie lovers with allergies. Alice’s Stick Cookies are baked using 100% pure butter and are moist, crumbly and very rich. They really do melt in your mouth – decadence is worth the calories!

According to Alice, they are so good you’ll find yourself with an empty box and crumbs all over your clothes in no time - so buy a couple boxes and stock up! Alice’s Stick Cookies (SRP $9.50) are available in three flavors: Vanilla, Lemon and Orange with a hint of chocolate.

Alice confesses, “I probably should have started my cookie business earlier, but I wanted to play the cello first.” We wholeheartedly agree…

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Only One Tablespoon of Detergent!

What would you say if I told you that you could clean an entire load of wash with just one tablespoon of detergent? Surprised? I certainly was until I purchased a barrel of Charlie’s Soap.

This laundry powder is a revolutionary approach to laundry care. It doesn’t cover up stains and odors with scents and brighteners - it really cleans. Charlie’s Soap is made with a unique blend of biodegradable coconut-based detergents and high-grade, completely soluble, Green River washing soda. It’s hypoallergenic, leaves no residue and is perfect for anyone with even the most sensitive skin.

Charlie’s Soap was formulated to include only those ingredients that actually enhance the cleaning process. According to Charlie, the big soap manufacturers still haven’t figured out what really cleans after years of their almost monthly “New and Improved” formulas. Without all the extra fillers, Charlie’s Soap only takes one tablespoon for a full wash load. Their three pound bag (SRP $13.50) washes eighty loads of wash and is safe on all washable fabrics.

I found it odd at first as there were few suds compared to my regular soap. But I’m absolutely sold. In fact, I am now the proud owner of the 5 gallon bucket (SRP $120.75) that washes 1280 loads of wash. Now that should last me a while – even with three teenagers, a messy husband and two dogs!

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Designer Piggy Banks

Here’s an import from the UK that has been around for almost 2000 years! Terramundi Money Pots are made from terracotta that is hand thrown in Italy, then hand painted in London creating a traditional “bank” to save all of your spare change. Examples of some of the original models can actually be seen in the British Museum!

With a wide range of vivid colors, Terramundi Money Pots ($34.99 retail) are based on an old tradition. Once the first coin is dropped, the money pot must be fed until full upon which time it must be smashed open while making a wish. It is then customary to replace the pot and spend the saved money on “good things”. Money Pots are sometimes used to house a candle or a plant once smashed. They are said to bring good fortune – something everyone can use!

Each pot comes with a fortune coin inside and little wish notes. It’s a great gift for anyone looking to save money for a special occasion - newlyweds, anyone dreaming of a world vacation or for young people saving up for a first home. I love the fact that once a coin slips into the pot, there is no fast and easy way to retrieve it. I have been known to reach into a “piggy bank” for the pizza delivery man, later wondering why I never seem to save money!

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Time Out Spots

Anyone with young children can testify to the fact that when properly used, Time Out is a very effective discipline technique. Just watch Nanny on CBS and you’ll see what I mean.

A big part of the technique is to have a Time Out area where your child can be guided to until they cool off. Some parents use stools, others a corner and still others send misbehaving kids to their room.

Personally, I love these Time Out Spots designed by teacher turned Mom, Heather Sievers. She was inspired by her three year old son who was sent to a small wooden stool when there was a behavior problem. Trouble was, being a bright kid; he would scoot around with it, claiming he was still on his Time Out space.

Time Out Spots (SRP $22) will work with children as young as 18-24 months old and are meant to offer a consistent area for discipline. Similar to a bath mat, the 27” Time Out Spots are available in blue, pink and brown and have a non-skid surface… great for kids who like to move around!

Now if someone would just invent something similar for misbehaving teens and my two yappy Westies they’d have a goldmine!

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Golf Clubs that Grow with Your Kids

Check out your local golf course and you may be surprised to see an abundance of young enthusiasts swinging away! That’s right… golf has hit the junior leagues. At the same time, parents of these youngsters have depleted wallets, as their young “Tiger Woods” outgrows golf clubs faster than running shoes.

To compensate and save money, many parents tend to buy golf clubs that are too big, hoping that their child will grow into them. This leads to a couple of years where Junior’s clubs are too long, then perfect, then ultimately too short.

Now you can avoid changing those clubs year after year with Patented Accu-Length Junior Golf Clubs that grow with your child. Designed to last five years or seasons, these innovative golf clubs are perfect for junior heights from 36″ to 63″ or approximately three to thirteen years of age.

A simply applied, permanent spacer insert allows you to expand the clubs one inch at a time for an easy, custom fit. Winner of the PGA International Golf Show “New Product of the Year” in 2005, these stainless steel and graphite clubs have been test exhaustively with superior performance results.

Accu-Length golf clubs (SRP $119.99 Starter Set) are available individually or as a deluxe starter set. What a great product… and a great relief for all those cash strapped, beleaguered parents everywhere! With the holidays coming up in less than 3 months, this may be the perfect gift for your Tiger Woods Junior!

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