Lucky Break Wishbone
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Here's the story and I'm sticking to it!
November 25, 1999 was my 47th birthday and lo and behold, another Thanksgiving. At our house we always celebrated the two together — regardless. To me, blowing out my birthday candles on a pumpkin pie was the norm not the exception.
A little background.
I had started a small business twenty years earlier, and against all statistical odds, it was still alive and keeping me going (or should I say it was still going and keeping me alive?). Sadly, dad had passed away just a year before the business began yet I credit him with getting me started.

My son would be finishing high school in the Spring of 2000 and heading off to college back East. Things were going well enough but I felt it was time for a change and I needed a break, a lucky break. The Millennium was only a month away, and luckily, change was in the air.

Back to the table.
It was then, at that moment, while sitting at that Thanksgiving table with friends and family that something struck me (and no, it wasn't Colonel Mustard with a drumstick in the Dining Room).

Why, at traditional Thanksgiving meals, served all across the country, when there is a bounty of food, is there but one lonely wishbone?

The days of fighting over that dearly beloved wishbone with my two sisters were long gone. Experiencing the joy of somehow letting my son win the break when he was young was also but a fading memory. I realized that there seems to be this unspoken law, almost like a rite of passage to the next Generation that arrives one year without warning. Yes, the simple truth is that the wishbone belong to the young. I couldn't even remember the last time I was lucky enough to get my hand on one. Maybe a half dozen times in 47 years. And it was MY Birthday!

The feasts throughout the land would soon be over. The wishbone would be left on the windowsill to dry and then one day, unceremoniously, without the presence of most of the dinner guests on that festive night, wishbones would be challenged. There had to be a better way!

And so, I invented Lucky Break Wishbones for the masses so everybody, including vegetarians, have a chance to make a wish — with grandma AND grandpa AND mom AND dad AND friends, etc. etc. on Thanksgiving and every day throughout the year! And well, as they say — THE REST IS HISTORY.

The present.
So here it is five years later and Lucky Break Wishbone Corp. is up and running making wishbones. I closed the old business earlier this year after a twenty-five year run. I'm thinking this one's good for at least that long. After all, I'm feeling pretty lucky!

So I hope you enjoy the bones. Email us your wishbone stories both old and new. And remember — It's time you got a Lucky Break!

Here's a picture of the wishbone from that 1999 Thanksgiving turkey. It's the one I used to model all the Lucky Break Wishbones.

Ken Ahroni
Lucky Break Wishbone Corp.