Lucky Break Wishbone
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So where can I buy some?
LUCKY BREAK WISHBONES are available at the following stores but we recommend you call before you go.

Many stores have already sold out so feel free to order online by clicking on the button below or by calling us toll free @ 1-866-582-5994 to order by phone. Our local number in the Greater Seattle area is 206-933-8700. And remember, we ship all orders the same or next business day that we receive them. We GUARANTEE it.

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Do they really break?
Do they break randomly?
Yes and Yes!
How big are they?
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Or call toll free to order by phone.

Visit our Factory!
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What exactly are they?
Thanks to a revolutionary advance in plastic wishbone technology, making your wishes come true is a snap with our 99.999% realistic synthetic LUCKY BREAK WISHBONES!

So I can use them at all my holiday get-togethers?
That's right! No more "Whose turn is it this year?" And no more waiting for the wishbone to dry on the windowsill. With LUCKY BREAK WISHBONES, everybody can take a crack at making their wishes come true! Start a new family tradition! Be the first one on your block!

Do you mean no animals were harmed in the making of Lucky Break Wishbones?
Vegetarians take note. There's NO FOWL so there's NO FOUL. They're totally unreal! LUCKY BREAK WISHBONES are entirely guilt-free!
No Fowl - No Foul!

Yes, of course. We are very conscious about our global environment. Both the packaging and wishbones are recyclable. Thank you for asking.
Recycling Depends On You!

Does the stronger person really win?
Download the answer PDF (150 KB)

Can you give me some other ideas how and when to use them?
Use them as a:
  • Party Favor
  • Novelty Gift
  • Craft Accessory
  • Bridal Accessory
  • Vegetarian Treat
  • Corporate Premium
  • Made in the USA Theme
  • Holiday Stocking Stuffer
  • Holiday Gift Basket Treat
  • Corporate Gift Basket Treat
  • Inexpensive Year Round Gift
Use them at:
  • Baby Showers
  • Charity Functions
  • Large Group Functions
  • School and Religious Fundraisers
  • Corporate & Other Special Events
  • Parties and Other Catering Events
  • Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries
  • New Years, Valentines, Easter, Christmas
They are just that perfect little something so you don't have to walk in empty handed ever again! And the list goes on.

Does Lucky Break Wishbone Corp. guarantee all my wishes will come true?
DISCLAIMER: Sorry. Lucky Break Wishbone Corp. makes no guarantee that our product will make your wishes come true. (But they might!)
No Guarantees!

Can I make them too?
LUCKY BREAK is a US Registered Trademark of Lucky Break Wishbone Corp. LUCKY BREAK WISHBONES are protected by US Copyright Registrations. Legal action will be taken to protect the Intellectual Property rights of Lucky Break Wishbone Corp.

So, is it a toy?
WARNING — This product is not intended for children. It is not a toy. There is a choking hazard. Use under adult supervision only. Dispose of all parts after breaking. Keep away from eyes. YADDA-YADDA

Where are these crazy things made?
LUCKY BREAK WISHBONES are Proudly Made in the USA.

How did you come up with this cool idea?
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